• ABC-VoIP New SIP SoftPhone for Android Devices

    May 02, 2012 PDF

    Mobiletelephony has an important role in our modern world; it is spread all over the world. VoIP service would fail if it stayed only wired, taking this into account ABC — VoIP Ltd is interested to provide the best VoIP solutions for every person. Now there is a new possibility to make calls from anywhere in the world for really low prices using the new ABC-VoIP SIP SoftPhone that works on mobile phones based on Android system.

    ABC-VoIP SIP SoftPhone is a new way of using your Android phone by routing calls over the internet rather than via traditional mobile operators — don’t wait to cut your phone bills in half and save your money. With ABC — VoIP service you can make affordable international calls and stay in touch with your friends, family or business partners at any time you need it. It is more profitable for heavy mobile users like business people and travelers.

    ABC-VoIP SIP SoftPhone works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G/4G. Using Android existing contact list, ABC-VoIP SIP SoftPhone facilitates easy and effective communication management with a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

    You can find ABC-VoIP SIP SoftPhone app at Android Market or download here. In case you don’t have an ABC-VoIP account click on «Register Now» to create one and see the multiple advantages of this service for yourself. Among them there is worldwide availability, calling features, portability and reliable call quality depending on the wireless carriers. The calls made from your account to another ABC-VoIP account are free.

    Technology already helped to push down the cost of making the phone call, and nowadays it has even bigger impact on the mobile world. Select the right VoIP service tailored to your needs, mobile phone type, model and connectivity.

  • Earn Commissions by Becoming a Referral Agent

    January 27, 2012 PDF

    Are you looking for additional revenue? Would you enjoy telling your friends, family or business / social network about ABC-VoIP Ltd service? When you really like something you want to share it with others. ABC-VoIP Ltd invites you to participate in our Agent Program.

    Simply share the referral link and spread the word about ABC-VoIP to your personal and professional network via email, Facebook, Twitter, or posting to your web site. Telling others about ABC-VoIP Ltd service can bring a benefit for you.

    You know that VoIP service is helpful and innovative service, help others to find out about us and register using your referral link. This URL Link is especially encoded to track referral from you. Find your own customers and get a profit from every refill account they make, start your own business. Promoting your referral links is the easiest and the most practical way of earning additional income.

    Your income depends only on you. The more customers you make, the more commission you will receive from each their refill. Make a recommendation, and share your own experience about VoIP service with others. When a referral uses your link to become an active customer, and refill his account — we’ll automatically credit your account with 10 % from each payment in appreciation. We appreciate your referrals — get started today by signing into your account.

  • ABC-VoIP Ltd. Reseller Program

    January 27, 2012 PDF

    VoIP industry is growing fast. It is one of the most popular ways to communicate nowadays. With ABC-VoIP you can not only be a simple VoIP user but you can become a reseller and start your own business. We can help you to find exactly what you need to start your own business and get the most of VoIP service. We give you opportunities which bring you multiple benefits and advantages.

    To be an ABC-VoIP Ltd. reseller you need 0% investment. Having the complete solution all you need is a little effort and diligence to make an additional income.

    Why become an ABC-VoIP Reseller?

    • Affordable rates, innovative services and features;
    • Rate per second;
    • No hidden fees;
    • Easy to use Control Panel Interface;
    • Simultaneous call;
    • High voice quality;
    • Positive, responsive and helpful service.

    Sign up now http://www.abc-voip.com and start profiting from our reliable, affordable VoIP service. We help you to become successful VoIP Reseller.

    The main advantage from being a VoIP reseller is that you have the new advanced feature, the possibility to make simultaneous calls. What does this give to you?

    Simultaneous calls are multiple calls that can be made at the same time. The number of simultaneous outgoing calls will be unlimited by the VoIP provider, but will be limited with the bandwidth of your broadband connection.

    ABC-VoIP Reseller program is efficient way to make extra revenue, because it is a god solution for your business developing. Provide the finest quality VoIP service available on the market. More and more people are switching to VoIP, then why not to be their provider? Become an ABC-VoIP Reseller and give consistently to your customers the most reliable and affordable service.

  • ABC-VoIP Bronze, Silver and Gold

    October 10, 2011 PDF

    ABC-VoIP concentrates on the customer’s convenience. We are aware that there are different expectations and demands regarding our calling service and rates. To find a balance between these two, we are offering you the option to choose the call quality and price, so you feel comfortable with your decision.

    The difference in quality will manifest in the reliability of the connection, sound quality and also will depend on the region you are calling. The call rate will vary based on the plan you choose. You can decide on a different plan for every call you make, by dialing the plan code before your number.

    Please see below the three available plans that are announced:


    • Plan code 00
    • Basic quality
    • Lowest calling rates
    • Acceptable performance
    • Reserved number of channels
    • Works well for most calling destinations


    • Plan code 000
    • Improved quality
    • Slightly higher rates
    • Better performance
    • More reserved channels
    • Works for even more destinations


    • Plan code 0000
    • The highest quality
    • Increased competitive rates
    • The best performance available
    • Even more reserved channels
    • Works even for hard-to-reach destinations

    Silver and Gold Plans have increased number of available phone channels in order to make the connection more reliable. You can take advantage of high-quality and affordable international calling by choosing the certain plan for each call.

    ABC-VoIP will not disappoint your expectations. We provide quality and reliability at affordable price, enabling customers to make affordable international calls to family, friends and colleagues anywhere, anytime.

  • Great Internet telephony solutions

    February 01, 2010 PDF

    Do you often make local and international calls? Are you tired of paying huge bills for your telephone system? The solution for this problem and many others is ABC-VoIP Ltd, the Company which gives you the possibility to make and receive calls over Internet (VoIP).

    VoIP is more than just voice calls; it is a building block for next-generation networks that include both voice and multimedia to enable innovative communications applications.

    ABC-VoIP Ltd is offering the service that allows customers to make international calls over the Internet and is providing great communication solutions that offer portability, flexibility and ease-of-use. There are many available VoIP plans that will help you to find exactly what you need and will help you to save money on your telephone bills.

    ABC-VoIP-It’s Your Money we’re saving.

    By bringing a new approach to traditional telephony, ABC VoIP Ltd will deliver the following:

    • Free call between the customers
    • No setup fee
    • No monthly fee
    • Pay per Call
    • Web Access to Portal Interface
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Voicemail web Access
    • Great Voice quality
    • Caller ID (this feature is temporary disabled)
    • and moreā€¦

    See the advantages over the traditional telephone system with ABC VoIP Ltd; it is just another way of making phone calls cheaper or completely free. With VoIP, you can make international calls at lower rates, either from a software interface on your home computer, a portable device or a SIP phone. This gives you more convenient options to stay in touch. All what you need for beginning, is computer with a microphone and speakers, and a good Internet connection.

    If you are interested in viewing additional information on ABC VoIP Ltd, please visit the page at http://www.abc-voip.com.

    Try ABC-VoIP Now!

    Easy to use wherever you are, call more than 200 countries.

  • ABC-VoIP Payment Solutions

    November 18, 2010 PDF

    ABC VoIP is a global provider of VoIP managed services and solutions. It is a Canada-based company and has recently announced a whole new arena of safe VOIP services payment methods for its customers. By using the ABC VoIP you can enter a world of high quality calling over the Internet and that is without any sort of hidden fee or cost.

    There are secure and easy to use payment methods when you want to load money to your account:

    • PayPal
    • Moneybookers
    • WebMoney
    • Collective POS
    • Pay by Cash
    • Virtual Merchant

    PayPal — method is safe, because in order to proceed with the payment process, you need to confirm your identity by entering the confirmation code, sent to your phone via SMS. Also there is additional email verification. PayPal lets you send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. If you don’t have a PayPal account then you can use other payment option Virtual Merchant, using your credit card.

    Virtual Merchant — provides significant benefits. Collective Point of Sale Solutions offers a complete line of merchant Services, Visa, MasterCard, credit card transaction processing and POS terminals.

    Moneybookers — online fund transfer service. Moneybookers requires identity verification before using their service and allows customers to send, receive and hold funds worldwide. Additional verification steps raise the maximum amount transferable and ensure the

    WebMoney — it is a multifunctional payment system and comprehensive tool which provides secure and immediate transactions for online business activities. WebMoney Transfer guarantees valid data for each registered Merchant. All transactions in the System are immediate and nonrefundable. WebMoney provides you with various tools free of charge to assist in performing operations and transactions within the System.

    Collective Pointof Sale Solutions POS  — offers a complete line of merchant services, Visa, MasterCard and merchant accounts, debit and credit card transaction processing and POS terminals. Also it secures point of sales solutions debit and credit transaction processing. POS carries only the highest quality POS hardware with a proven track record for security and reliability.

    Pay By Cash — is the payment method in order to accept your payments and transfer them to your account on ABC VoIP.

    All payment options give you 100% protection from unauthorized payments and help to minimize fraud and prevent money laundering. We are interested to use the payment types which can save you money and are delighted to provide cost-effective service that works hard for our customers’ needs.

  • How to Start your Business with ABC-VoIP

    June, 19, 2012

    The economic crisis gripped each country more or less. It becomes harder to find a suitable and interesting job, or even if you have one it is underpaid, the amount of money you receive is small and there is always the feeling that you are under threat of staff reduction.

    Living in such a struggle you may think about finding the ways to make an additional income or even start your own business without too much invest. Probably, you have heard a lot about VoIP technology and mostly successful companies are switching to this service, because it is convenient and affordable. It saves money and cut the phone bills more than in half.

    How to start your own business with ABC-VoIP Company? What are the benefits of using exactly this VoIP provider?

    Become a self — employed professional
    The internet connection makes possible for more and more persons to start their careers and manage a progressive wage. ABC — SIP trunking. It gives you the possibility to provide your own worldwide telecommunication service. Your customers will be able to make the low-cost calls all over the world, offering a reliable connection you help them to stay in touch with their family, friends and to communicate with business partners.

    As a reseller you can manage your rates, make up your own packages, and sell the routes that are most convenient for your clients. There is no need to create your VoIP network, ABC-VoIP allows you to resell the service anywhere in the world, you receive the full package with many features and benefits. This will bring you a great money-earning potential.

    ABC-VoIP Agent Program
    As a rule when person finds an interesting program, link, service he wants to share it with others. If you are using the ABC-VoIP service and you like it, then why not to tell others about it? This can be an additional income to your wage. Everybody needs some pin money.

    By telling to your friends about ABC-VoIP service and using your referral links, you can create different groups with your customers. Become their agent and earn 10% from each money refill they make. Guide them during the registration and help them to save money on the international calls, or talking even for free among the other registered users.

    Win-Win Relationship
    The VoIP becomes popular and this technology brings benefits for customers and for companies. When you plan to make a business with ABC-VoIP you become customer first and check the advantages for yourself and then you can start selling this service becoming agent or reseller.

    Anyway this is a win-win relationship that you build, because you find a way to make money and help the company to grow by offering its service to more and more customers. Keep in mind that VoIP phone service continues to advance, develop by becoming a reliable and popular service and it can be a good way to save money on your bills, and make money by helping others to take advantage from it.

  • Introduction to VoIP... in Three Minutes or Less

    July, 26, 2011

    Whether you are home phone user, corporate manager, network administrator, a professional, Internet communicator, international caller or a simple mobile user, you won’t want to spend all your money on paying the phone bills, you just feel that what you pay is unfair. The best solution that you can find in order to save money on your phone bill — use your broadband connection, VoIP. This technology brings new possibilities.

    The term VoIP is used nowadays more and more, it became very common in the coming years. Everybody talks about its benefits and wide range use. The development of VoIP represents a major change in the telecommunications.

    What does the acronym VoIP stand for?

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a set of technologies which allows to communicate different people over the Internet, the voice is carried over the Internet; basically it is a way of converting the analogue signals when using a phone to a digital format and back into analogue at the receiver.

    VoIP uses IP protocols designed for the Internet, and break the voice calls up into digital «packets». This method of delivering phone service allows significant cost savings versus traditional telephone landline system.

    Monthly long distance charges, payment for local, international calls can be completely eliminated if you use free software available for Personal Computers to transmit and receive VoIP calls. In order to call a normal phone for a small charge you can use any of free VoIP software.

    In addition to traditional voice services VoIP provides an environment that allows voice to be integrated with other media types at the transport layer and at the service layer. VoIP is another way of making phone calls, with the difference of making calls cheaper or even completely free. All you need to start VoIP calls are good internet connection, computer with a microphone and speakers. It is also possible with your mobile and home phone.

    Most of the companies use the VoIP within their own private networks; this allows a higher level of safety and quality to be maintained. Using their own networks, the business companies have opportunity to manage the voice quality, and usually it is even better than quality provided by the regular telephone system.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. provides reliable service to customers. It combines the high quality customer service with a mix of pricing and new features. ABC — VoIP delivers affordable, innovative communication services. Every customer will find exactly what he is looking for. ABC-VoIP connects people worldwide, saves your money and brings convenience. For more information please visit: http://www.abc-voip.com/index.html

  • Ten Reasons to Switch to VOIP

    September 1, 2010

    What do you think about when decide to call a person on the other part of the world? Of course there is phone bill that bother you most of all. The high costs stop you at once. If you are consumer and have or want Internet access then you can think about what you get switching to VoIP. This technology saves many problems. The question that appears is why you should switch to this effective communication technique?

    The following ten reasons to switch to VoIP will help you to distinguish the advantages of this system; VoIP is monthly saving, brings you more features, piece of mind and many others.

    Financial reason
    Affordable cost helps you to cut your phone bills half or more than you currently spend on your phone bills. It is relatively inexpensive. This Internet phone service is free of government regulation, so the companies that sell VoIP can provide a great menu of features at no extra cost.

    Conference calling and Videoconferencing
    As opposed to using the traditional public telephone VoIP network gives you the possibility to make conference calling, it has become much more affordable. For this sort of option the VoIP technology is the best what it is available now. You can take the full advantage of it, especially if the conference calling is important business meeting.

    Keep your number
    Take your phone system with you, wherever you go, on your business trips or vacations, there is no need to change your phone number. VoIP is mobile, portable, all you need to make and receive calls is the internet connection, and you just sign in into your account and use it.

    Integration with online applications
    IP telephony has spawned many applications that increase both the flexibility and portability of communications. Many of the Web applications that previously ran exclusively over the Internet will now run over your private VoIP-based communications network.

    User can have his favorite Web page displayed on his VoIP telephone, or he can post special Web links on his telephone-based Web page. Many Web-based applications are candidates for running on your VoIP telephones.

    Enhanced Internet Access
    The VoIP telephony gives you the access to the entire Web. Everything from shopping on the Net and e-commerce to research and e-mail are now at your fingertips. Stay connected with your friends, your family, and your co-workers.

    More Bandwidth. Some people wrongly assume that when the VoIP is added to an enterprise computer network, there won’t be enough bandwidth available to support the change, but in fact you gain multiple times the bandwidth equivalent with VoIP when compared to circuit-switched telephony.

    Highly flexible phone system
    The VoIP requires having broadband internet connection. As long as you know the basics about what you are doing, the VoIP system doesn’t look as complicated as it can be at the first view.

    VoIP Wireless Broadband Service
    There is no need to check the connections on the side of the house, in your yard, no more need of the support company. With broadband Internet access, you can plug in a wireless hub that gives you Internet and VoIP access. If you have VoIP soft phone software, you can use the computer to connect to your wireless network and make VoIP calls.

    Secure your network
    VoIP connects you with almost anyone and almost anywhere. VoIP service changed the way we communicated with each other. One provider means that all your services are handled in the most expedient way.

    Reduced International Toll Charges
    In case you make lots of international calls, VoIP greatly reduces the changes per minute. The per-minute rates are reduced by a factor of ten or more compared to traditional carrier charges, depending on the country that you are calling. And you can call for free with most VoIP plans.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. is your possibility to make affordable calls all over the world and enjoy the service of great VoIP provider. ABC-VoIP believes in offering its customers advanced technology solutions that incorporate the functionality with enhanced style and convenience in order to build up great communication worldwide. It is committed to deliver the best and latest in communication technology.

  • The Pros and Cons of VOIP

    June 1, 2010

    Voice over Internet Protocol Technology became very popular. Combining regular phone service and digital communications it has reached the new level. VoIP brings functional, comfortable and affordable service, which eliminated many problems.

    Even if the VoIP technology nowadays is great, it is very important to understand its advantages and disadvantages before you start investing money in this phone system. Currently, there is large variety of VoIP providers, and specifically your savings will depend on the system in which you decided to invest money.

    VoIP Pros

    Affordable price
    You can call and talk for free! The main advantage of the VoIP service — the financial savings; almost all calls from PC to PC (from computer to other computer) are free anywhere in the world. Free calls — this is an advantage that leads many people to switch to VoIP telephony.

    You have to pay for making calls from PC to phone, land line or mobile, but this price is inexpensive, and it is lower than your regular phone service would charge you. Basically, no one from the VoIP providers will make any extra charge or have hidden fees. After switching to VoIP service you will remind with horror about the huge bills that you had to pay before.

    Additional Features
    The cost of the VoIP service depends on the chosen service provider. Also the there are great variety of the calling features. Most service providers include features such as call forwarding, call waiting, DID. Many companies use VoIP because it is very simply to make improved video-conference calls and make message and data exchange information parallel with the conversation. Any information can be sent virtually, anything at anytime; all you need it high speed internet connection.

    On of the major inconvenience encountered when moving to another house or apartment is changing the phone number. If you are moving to another country you will have to change your mobile phone number too.

    VoIP telephony eliminates this inconvenience, because it is not distance or location dependent. The broadband connection gives you the possibility to make and receive calls all over the world simply by signing in to your VoIP account. Your location does not matter; you can use your assigned unique number which doesn’t change, remaining constant.

    VoIP Cons

    No Power — No Phone
    VoIP is not very reliable in case the electricity is out for any reason. You won’t have the phone system. During the power outage there is no Internet connection, so there is no possibility to use the computer.

    If you want to use the VoIP service during power outage, a power supply or a generator must be installed on the premises, but as a rule this is very expensive. 911 Calls

    Your location can not be traced with VoIP service, because it is a transfer of data between two IP addresses, not physical addresses, so there is not way to determine your VoIP call origin. This is the main reason why many people are afraid to implement VoIP service in their home. The fear that they won’t be able to contact the police, fire department, poison control, all these are important concerns for people.

    Technical issues
    The echoing and static has to be improved. The conversations become impossible in case there is poor quality of the connection and if all negative effects occur simultaneously. This problem of sound quality in VoIP-telephony has not yet been saved definitely, this being the biggest drawback.

    As you can see, there are some disadvantages of the VoIP system, but since VoIP is a new technology, issues like latency, connection-time will be worked out. All these problems will soon go into the past. The advantages of the VoIP service make clear that it is worth to switch to this service. VoIP receives widespread consumer acceptance.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. is leading VoIP Telephone Company. It provides most effective and efficient services. The main goal is to offer flexibility, portability and ease-of-use. ABC-VoIP helps you to make financial savings, and reduce your phone bills on the phone calls.

  • Why More and More Consumers are Switching to VOIP?


    Nowadays free Internet phone service became very popular, the possibility to make long distance calls over the Internet draws attention of many people. No one can imagine his life without Internet, and the fact that it is so widespread gives the opportunity to make calls even for free.

    Many persons decide to abandon the traditional phone service in favor of VoIP, basically your phone calls travel over the Internet as a data, like emails do. There are many factors that influence to make appropriate decision, to switch to VoIP system. Let’s highlight only few advantages from plenty of them, which will help you to make the most from VoIP and realize that Voice over Internet Protocol is affordable, convenient, fast growing service.

    The way you can make and receive phone calls is not much different from traditional phone service, there are no drastic changes. The sequence is similar, with just even more convenience; you can track your phone calls, manage voicemail, view billing record, change your account information any time you want to, and increase your productivity.

    Affordable Calling
    By using VoIP you can make unlimited long distance calls; there is no additional charge or hidden fee. The VoIP Company will charge you definitely less than their competitors, so you can cut the standard cost in half. You pay monthly for residential service, and this includes all common phone features.

    If you use VoIP it doesn’t mean you are linked to your Personal Computer only; VoIP allows you to do things which are not possible with the traditional phone service. You can make calls using standard phone with VoIP adapters, or even better feature-rich IP phone, your number travel with you, wherever you go you will be always available.

    Your relatives, friends, customers, employees can always be in touch with you, so you won’t miss the important call. Your VoIP service is received through an adapter and hooked to a regular phone.

    Call Quality and Additional Features
    Considering that VoIP technology is progressing all the time, the call quality has been improved strikingly especially nowadays. Most VoIP users and VoIP call recipients find that the VoIP call quality cannot be distinguish from PSTN phone service. If the hardware that you use has a good quality and you have the high speed internet connection and congestion, then your VoIP experience is likely to be excellent. The additional features will bring you rich and complex experience both for your personal use, and business purposes.

    VoIP technology has rewritten the rules for the phone services. Of course there are some little pitfalls, but the benefits of the VoIP overweight these potential drawbacks. You don’t need an IT degree to become a VoIP user. To switch to it or not it is up to you, but consider all the details and it will be clear that VoIP is flexible, affordable technology which will rule the future communications. As the market matures you will discover more and more options for migrating from traditional phone to VoIP system.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. is a leading VoIP phone service provider. It gives you more for your phone service and for a lower price. Make an informative decision, please check the calling rates: http://www.abc-voip.com/rates.php. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective calling plans and multiple features.

  • VoIP Security


    As an alternative to traditional phone system the VoIP is being rapidly embraced across the world. There are many different types of VoIP services and technologies available to the public. It is wide accepted and became one of the main communication technologies. When transferring to the VoIP service you may be concerned about the dangers of the unsecured VoIP services. Many users worry about voice quality, latency, cost, but security must be taken into account as one of the most important factors. VoIP security became a major issue to think about.

    People can be available at anytime and anywhere, location independence, ability to establish multimedia communications, simplification of transport networks and low costs are only few from the multiple VoIP advantages. However, the new technology brings up new challenges and problems linked with its security that have to be solved, as a user you should be aware of them. While VoIP system is used there is the same data exchange, as in the ordinary Internet use.

    Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT)
    SPIT it is very annoying and disturbing factor. Spam can be a big problem for VoIP users. An email spam won’t wake you up at 2 a.m. in contrast to a ringing phone that will definitely woke you up and disturb. Spam messages can carry viruses and spy ware along with them, because every VoIP account is associated to an IP address. This gives the possibility for spammers to send their voicemails to hundreds of IP addresses.

    The conversations through the Internet can be easily wiretapped from the technical side. This is the way how most hackers steal credentials and other information. They steal credentials to make calls without paying and also many people do it to obtain the information like important business data. The hacker can change your calling packages, personal settings, forwarding calling number, add more credential, whatever he needs to profit from your account.

    Call tampering
    Sometimes the poor quality sound or long periods of silence is not VoIP company fault, but can be effects from this type of attack. The main purpose is to slow down the connection, or even block the delivery of the call signals.

    No system is perfect, VoIP is not exception, VoIP security should satisfy the requirements of existing standards security. VoIP technologies are still under development. As a VoIP user you can take steps to protect yourself from the security problems.

    As a rule VoIP providers are making big efforts to bring security measures at the high level, because without the sharp focus on security VoIP will never make it into large corporate use. This considers security in the communications. The technologies have to be reliable, a proper firewall should run, and also the encryption for voice transmission should be provided.

    While different VoIP providers usually do promise good security they may not be able to account for all the issues that arise, but the most important fact is that they always work on improving because VoIP technology will rule the future communication.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. is a leading VoIP service provider. We provide you excellent voice termination quality with competitive rates. For more information and becoming an ABC — VoIP user please visit: http://www.abc-voip.com/register.html

  • Save Money on Your Phone Bill Using Free Internet Phones


    Most of the people cannot imagine their life without using Internet; nowadays it is just irreplaceable part. The latest technologies of communications always bring something new for the customers. Telephone communication just got easier and cheaper; it is expanding very rapidly.

    There are many Internet phones which enable to make and receive calls from your computer to other computer, landlines, and mobiles free or for a very low cost anywhere in the world. No matter how it works, the most important part is that it is a free call!

    By talking about «Free» it means that the Internet Phones are free to download and install, but the calls to landline phones or mobiles are not free. The VoIP provider will still charge you for the calls, in accordance with the distance plan that you have bought.

    So are you looking for the perfect Internet Phone for you? There are some great free Internet Phone services. You can call other users of the same service for free with most of them, just using the Internet and special software. Some programs, free internet phone programs will allow connecting your real phone to another real phone for free.

    Note: You cannot use the free Internet Phone to make a 911 or other emergency calls, to make such calls you need a VoIP telephone service which provides this service, or use your traditional land-line or mobile phone.

    Express Talk VoIP Softphone
    This application works with almost any VoIP gateway provider or office PBX. It is like a telephone, lets you make calls through your computer. Using this soft phone, you have the possibility to call anyone via the internet, who has the same softphone and if you register with the VoIP gateway service company, you call the regular telephone numbers as well.

    In case there are other VoIP SIP softphones installed you can call them too, and the best of all is that these calls are free.

    Voix Phone advanced over IP communications
    This software is distributed free for non commercial use. It is fast and easy to install, and also has the minimum configurations, all you need to do it just feel in the login information and it is ready to use. It is simple but useful Softphone.

    Voix Phone is a multiplatform application. All you need is a PC with Linux, Windows or macOSX and an Asterisk installed, or a registration with an IAX Voip Provider.

    Adore Softphone
    This softphone comes with various set of regular and premium features. It is designed to bring you convenient communication experience, also it offers features to accelerate and enhance the usage of the SIP softphone.

    There is no doubt, you have your requirements and expectations from the software you are intending to use. Sometimes you may think that it is too complicated to search for the SIP softphone, then install it, trying to understand all the features, so it is easier to use the traditional phone or mobile, but once you find the easy in use softphone and understand the saving that you make using the VoIP service you will never want to make a step back.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. is your possibility to make affordable calls all over the world and enjoy the service of great VoIP provider. ABC-VoIP believes in offering its customers advanced technology solutions that incorporate the functionality with enhanced style and convenience in order to build up great communication worldwide. It is committed to deliver the best and latest in communication technology.

  • Voip-The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


    VoIP became very popular over the last few years. It is used for multiple purposes, many business companies decided to invest in VoIP service and switch to it. It is considered to be a valuable alternative to the traditional phone service, the main advantage being the affordable cost and low rates calling, so selecting it over the traditional route is wise.

    Take into account how much money you can save on your phone bills. Like every other service it has the good parts, bad ones and ugly. There are always things you should be aware of and it is good to know all of them so you can evaluate and decide what is right for you.

    The good
    Affordable rates: VoIP gives you the great possibility to call anyone in the world and to talk to them as long as you want. This is really acceptable. The most important in a good VoIP provider is the service they provide, the quality of calls, connections and consistency to reach someone. In case you use VoIP PC to PC, the calls are free no matter in which part of the world they are made.

    Additional features: These make VoIP really attractive, the possibility to manage all your calls, the following features are convenient: call history, call forwarding, call waiting, speed dial, voicemail, payment history, there are multiple options to fulfill your account. You can view your understandable bill through the Internet, all the calls and contacts can be managed easily. Access your VoIP account just like your regular email anywhere where is an internet connection.

    There is also the possibility to integrate VoIP with your existing phone connection. As long as the broadband connection is available you can make calls from your virtual numbers from anywhere. VoIP will bring financial savings, increase in productivity for the enterprise.

    The bad
    The biggest drawback of VoIP usage is the lack of reliability, everything relays on the internet connection and in case it fails you cannot make and receive calls. Without power VoIP is useless. Not all VoIP providers support emergency calls. The emergency service can be limited.

    Some break-ups in the connection can appear when you use your internet connection for high-bandwidth purposes. Sometimes VoIP technologies are vulnerable to a multitude or different attacks. The security aspect is important, so check with your provider the methods they use to prevent the frauds and the hackers attacks.

    The ugly
    Make a good analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of the VoIP service, also regarding to VoIP provider you are choosing. When you know exactly your current amount that you spend on the phone bills, and how much you will save, your requirements, then it will not end up ugly because your VoIP implementation will be successful.

    Also consider the network connection as it has to be redesign, so it can meet the requirements. Sometimes it is better to ask a consultant to assist you as you switch to the new system. Avoid the ugly parts; make the transfer to VoIP beautiful and pleasant.

    No doubts that VoIP service will take a leading position in the communications in the future, and will spread around the world even widely then now, because the advantages are more than negatives factors. The deep analysis pushes you to switch to it because it is simply reasonable and you can find the necessary choice for your business or home.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. is a Leading Communication Company. It provides the full range of VoIP communication services. Please check the Calling Rates and enjoy your new VoIP service. ABC-VoIP team will be glad to guide you through the installation step and you will always find the great customer support.

  • How to Make a VoIP Call through your Cell Phone


    Nowadays no one can imagine his life without cell phone and Internet access. Would you like to use your cell phone to call the other part of the world without having to pay huge fees? Would you be interested to have a single device that manages both your VoIP calls and cell phone calls?

    There is no more need to switch between two different types of phones. A wise solution how to save money is to turn your cell into a VoIP phone. Nowadays VOIP service is improving rapidly as technologies moves forward, and this allows many providers to offer affordable and reliable service. It grows fast because of the many types of services VoIP technology provides. The possibility to combine the VoIP technology with cell phones is one from the multiple options that VoIP has.

    VoIP cell phones put a new imprint on mobile calling and there is a great potential for saving money, this being the most attractive aspect of VoIP. Making calls from your computer, or talk through a microphone are convenient options, but don’t have the portability that the cell phones offer. Cell phone and VoIP bring great advantages: freedom of communication, convenience, portability and affordable cost phone service. Everyone would like to have this.

    VoIP cell phones
    There is great assortment of VoIP programs that let you make phone calls over the Internet for free or for very low rates. The applications themselves are free to download and to install, but in order to be able to use them you need access to the Internet through your mobile. The software to run VoIP on your cell phone is like a regular application that you run on your computer, any downloaded software phone will work on your cell phone when you configure the soft and enter your account information, such as account number, your password, and enter the proxy address of your selected VoIP provider.

    The cell phone manufactures integrate Wi-Fi into their cell phones so that you can actually make VoIP calls using your cell phone if you are in Wi-Fi hotspot. In case your cell phone supports Wi-Fi there is option for you to make VoIP calls. Everywhere you have access to Wi-Fi, 3G you can use Voice over IP and make affordable phone calls.

    VoIP features
    With voice over IP calling the user gets following features: call forwarding, caller ID, automatic redial, call blocking, speed dialing, conference calling. All these services are convenient and useful, also may be some additional features.

    You may think about what kind of phone do you need for VoIP cell service, basically Trio, all smart phones, PDAs, or IPhone can support applications that allow you to install needed software and make VoIP calls.

    VoIP on you cell phone doesn’t remain something of a mystery; you can easily clear out all your doubts and have a firm understanding how VoIP works on your cell phone. Start using it and you will be surprised how easy it to bring down your phone bills and to get better features and service.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. is the most elegant solution for VoIP service provider. It provides affordable calling plans and you can find the solution that will go perfectly with all your requirements. Learn the essential information in order to choose the right VoIP provider and find out more about calling rates.

  • Fake VoIP Services, VoIP Fraud and Hacking

    VoIP technology is considered nowadays one of the most popular communication protocols and it is spreading worldwide very quickly. As VoIP infrastructure becomes more accessible to the common script, so will the occurrence of attacks, because as any other internet-connected devices VoIP telephone systems are susceptible to hackers’ attacks.

    Most of hackers know a lot about VoIP vulnerabilities, and can use the insecure passwords successfully in order to institute denial of service attacks, steal and resell millions minutes of Internet phone service, they can change the customer data, record conversations, and also they find a way out how to break into voice mailboxes.

    VoIP Fraud and Hacking
    It is much better to be aware of what kinds of the VoIP frauds and hacking exist today, and know the methods of preventing them, than just leave the VoIP system to work itself without controlling it. VoIP frauds have given rise to an alarming situation within the world from security aspect, because it is rather easy to eavesdrop on VoIP calls and change their content. Some hackers write computer program that try again and again to guess the important prefix codes, which are used to authorize traffic on the networks. Some of these codes are just four digit numbers, so it is not difficult at all to break them.

    Everyone would like to have a secure phone, it is much easier to implement this with the VoIP than traditional phone lines, if VoIP solutions support encryption this can be a way to prevent the system from hacking and protect confidential and classified VoIP communications. Secure Voice over IP is accomplished by encrypting VoIP with encryption.

    There are many types of the VoIP hacking such as audio spam, voice phishing, caller ID spoofing, call hijacking, wiretapping, phone tapping, hackers want to obtain sensitive information, or just simply shut down a telephone network using brute force or denial of service attacks.

    Fake VoIP Services
    In case you are a residential user and want a home VoIP solution thinking about subscribing to an interconnected VoIP service there are some steps following which can help you tofilter out fake companies, and hopefully will save you completely from fake VoIP systems:

    • Ask for references before sending any money — if the company asks for PREPAY, it must be checked thoroughly, never fall for high pressure or very attentive customer service;
    • Check out Escrow, see when it was incorporated and also if everything matches up;
    • Ask for License Number, also known as Carrier Number;
    • FCC Number;
    • Tax ID Number;
    • Common Sense, check who owns the Domain name and when it was started;
    • Always do a check and contact your service provider for detail information.

    Remember you are the customer and you have rights to know all this information, be diligent and keep in mind only you can protect yourself.

    Modern VoIP companies develop many ways to prevent VoIP hacking, they track and manage the system in safety way by using advances encryption and placing control of these systems to only limited number of persons. Nevertheless, you still can enjoy the advantages of the VoIP system if it is in a secure operating environment. Your business and residential risk being minimal and insignificant, regarding to all those benefits which VoIP brings to you.

    ABC VoIP Ltd. Company brings you the benefits of the VoIP system; you can find the package that will meet exactly your requirements. Starts saving money by implementing VoIP service into your business or home, the payment methods are safe and secure. It’s your money we are saving. Please check the Calling Rates and find more information.