INSTRUCTIONS: ABC-VoIP online account management

How to Change User Details?

In order to change User Details choose “Account Info” in the left menu, and then click on the button “Edit Personal Information”, then you can change your personal information in the window that will appear and confirm your data.

Fig.1.1. Edit Personal Information

Fig.1.2. Updating your personal information


How to Retrieve Password?

If you lost or forgot your password, you can restore it by clicking on the link below the authentication window.

Fig.1.3. Retrieving Lost Password

Fig.1.4. entering your Email address


How to Change Password?

If you want to change your Password choose “Password” from the left menu. Then you can enter your new password and confirm it. If you want to clear the entered information click on the “Reset” button, it will delete it.


Fig.1.5. Changing your Password


How to configure hardware SIPphone or softphones?

In order to configure your SIP phone hardware and softphones choose the “SIP/IAX Info” from the left menu. The information that you need is:

  • Username: your Username
  • Secret : your Password
  • Host Name:

You can simply copy and paste this information in your configuration files and do necessary modifications.

Fig.1.6. Configuration for SIP and IAX Client


How to register as a new ABC-VoIP user?

To receive an account you have to register, for this click on the following link as shown in screenshot below:

Fig.1.7. Link to Register

Fig.1.8. Entering the required information


How to login into my account?

If you are already registered, please login into your account clicking on the link “Secure Login”, or go to the URL: you will be redirected to the following page with the login form.

Fig.1.9. User Authentication, Login


How to view Call History?

To view recent missed, received, or placed calls, use the following method:

Press “Call History” from menu on the left and you can search your calls by month, day or status; also there is a possibility to check the rate and price.  

Fig.1.10.Call History Listed


How can I setup VoIP Speed Dial?

Speed dialing allows you to dial your most frequent contacts by pressing only one or two digits. To create a Speed Dial press “Speed Dial” from the left menu and you can enter the number to assign the code.

With speed dialing, you no longer need to remember long numbers and make mistakes while dialing them.

Fig.1.11. Create Speed Dials number


How to view Call Rates?

To see the available destinations and to view the call rates choose “Ratecard” from the left menu, the list will display:

  • Dialing Prefix
  • Destinations
  • Selling Rate

The Dialing Prefix, Destinations and Selling Rate can be listed in ascending and descending order, for this click on the icon near the chosen column.

In order to find quickly the needed destination choose from the navigation bar in the top the letter which country starts with. All countries with this letter will be displayed, you can select the number of countries listed choosing the value in the box under list.

Fig.1.12. List of the Calls’ Rates


How to find out the cost per minute of a call?

You can simulate the calling process to discover the cost per minute of a call, and the number of minutes you can call that certain number with your current available credit. Click on the “Simulator” in the left menu and discover the cost of your call.

Fig.1.13. Simulating the call process


How to initiate Callback?

You can initiate the callback by entering your phone number and the number you wish to call. Click on the “Callback” from the left menu.

Fig.1.14. Initiating CallBack


How to Get Caller ID with ABC-VoIP?

The caller ID system enables you to add your home phone or cell phone number to allow you to call in, be automatically recognized, and use your telephony services without having to enter your PIN.

For managing this choose “Add Caller ID” from the left menu. You can display the number of Caller ID by choosing it from the drop-down box at the bottom of the table.

Fig.1.15. Adding Caller ID

The Caller ID can be edited or deleted. These options are available in the “Action” table. Click on this icon “Edit” and you will be able to modify, through the following form, the different properties of your Caller ID and confirm your modifications.

Fig.1.16. Modifying the properties of your Caller ID


How to contact Support Team?

In case of technical problems please create a ticket. Please make sure that you dialed the correct telephone number. Any low quality or no connection can be due to an inferior network or to a poor coverage in certain regions.

If you want to explain a fault in detail and need our help, you can open a support ticket and consult the status of your existing ticket choosing “Support” from the left menu as shown in the screenshot below:

Fig.1.17. Creating support ticket

Please fill in the information in the ticket correctly so that we can help you accordingly.


How to set up a Notification?

You can set up the notification, for this press on the “Notification” from the left menu and enter the required information.  “Limit credit notification” allow you to choose the value. You will automatically receive an e-mail notification showing your credit if you select this option and enter the Email notification address.  That's a nice convenience to check your credit status.

Fig.1.18. Updating Notification Settings


How to create the Phone Book?

In order to create your Phonebook choose “Auto Dialer” and from the list that will be displayed press “Phone Book”. The Phonebook is set of phone numbers. You can add, remove and edit the phonebook. Click on the icon “Add Phone Book”. You enter the name and description of the Phone Book and click on the button “Confirm Data” and the Phone Book will be created.

Fig.1.19. Adding a Phone Book

The list of numbers in your existing Phone Book can be edited and deleted; to perform these options choose them from the table “Actions”.

Fig.1.20. Editing your current Phone Book


How to add a new Phone Number?

In order to perform this action choose “Auto Dialer” and then from the list press Phone Number. Phone list are all the phone numbers attached to a campaign. You can add, remove and edit the phone numbers. To add the new phone number click on the icon “Add Phone Number”.

Fig.1.21. Adding a new Phone Number

Fig.1.22. Confirming the data about new phone number


How to Import Phone Numbers from CSV file?

For importing Phone Numbers from CSV file choose “Auto Dialer” from left menu, and press “Import Phone List”.

Choose the phonebook to import, additional fields, and click the button “Import Phonebook”.

Fig.1.23. Importing Phone Numbers List


How to buy new Direct Inward Dialing Number (DID)?

DID is the number that is assigned to you to connect you to the old PSTN Networks around the world. You buy the number, and send it straight to your sip address. The call will then come to your IPPBX as a real phone line. Then you can use as your phone number, and route it to your IVR or direct extension.

Choose “DID” from the left menu, and there will be several options you can select form:

  • Buy New DID
  • Add Phone Number to your DID
  • Release DID

Select the country where you would like a DID, select a DID from the list and enter the destination you would like to assign it to. In order to call a VoIP number you need to enable VoIP Call.

Fig.1.24. Buying New DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number)

Fig.1.25. Adding Phone Number to your DID

Fig.1.26. Releasing DID


How to view Invoices?

View invoices show a history of previously prepared invoices as well as their status in terms of Sent and paid. The section below allows you to see and pay the invoices that you have to pay.

Fig.1.27. Viewing the Invoices

To see the detail information about the invoice click on the icon in the “Action” table, and the invoice will be generated for viewing, in order to print it click on the icon un the right corner of the window “Print”.

Fig.1.28. Detail invoice’s information


How to Preview Next Billing?

Iа you want to preview the Next Billing press “Invoices” and choose from the list “Preview Next Billing”. The following window will appear, and you will be able to see the next receipt you have to pay with description and cost. Summary of calls since the last billing.

Fig.1.29. Previewing Next Billing


How to view the Payment History?

Payment history is the record of payments made.  There is option to view this record by choosing “Payment History” from the left menu. The Payment List will be displayed.

Fig.1.30. Viewing the Payment History